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DWS employs a tried-and-true and entertaining teaching strategy to make learning enjoyable. Priorities include observation and experimentation first. Projects and educational excursions are included in the curriculum to foster a child’s sense of wonder. As one of the Best CBSE Schools in Hyderabad, we strive to maintain a desirable teacher-student ratio. Professors are chosen with efficiency in mind. Our school encourages parental involvement and cooperation in the teaching process through frequent Parent-Teacher meetings, where parents are required to interact with administration while their child is present.

Student-Centred Education

Students become passive consumers of knowledge when teacher-centered instruction is used. Professors instruct and students learn through repetition in traditional education. DWS, one of Hyderabad’s well-known international schools, now cultivates a culture in which teachers act as “facilitators” and students are methodically encouraged to actively seek out their own learning.

Educational trips

Educational excursions are designed to provide hands-on learning opportunities. These are enrichment activities in which children are taken somewhere outside of the classroom to achieve goals that cannot be met in any other way. Educational excursions typically increase students’ knowledge and understanding of a subject and give the subject of study more application through hands-on engagement with the local community’s rich resources.

Citizenship Education

The escalating needs and demands of a rapidly evolving global community has resulted in the need for awareness and abilities in students to become responsible citizens in the society. The school’s citizenship curriculum has advanced as a result of a novel concept known as multi dimensional citizenship learning, in which the public and the school collaborate. This forte of education inspires young people to think about and actively participate in shaping a better world. Students gain a better understanding of what citizenship entails, they feel better prepared to make a significant contribution to humanity in a sustainable environment. Delhi World School focuses on laying the foundation for the future global citizenship.